How to use Eco-Business website


 I. Registration

To be able to join “Eco-Business Awards for Tourism” contest and “Samdech Techo Prime Minister Tourism Eco-Business Awards” contest, you need to have an account on This account can be used for the next contest meaning that this account can be use forever without any expiration.

To create your account, please follow the below instruction:

  1. Registration Page: please go to the website, then click on  at the top right of the page or fill directly the address on your browser. The registration page will appear.


  1. Fill Information: please fill all required information and photo showing on the form together with security code right below the form. For the section “Account Information”, please fill the valid and in-used email address since this email will be used to activate the account to be able to login and to reset your password in case you want to change or forget.
  1. Activate Account: having filled all required information and clicked on the button , you will receive an email message in your inbox showing the activation link with some instruction. Please click that attached link.
  1. Account Activated: having followed the instruction in the message, your account is now fully activated and able to login.

II. Login / Logout

1. Login: to you use your account, please click  located at the top right of the page. You can also go directly to the address on your browser, then the login page will appear. Please fill your email and password of your account that’s set during the registration, then click “Login” button.

2. Logout: when you stop using your account and want to leave, please click  at the top right of the page.

III. Reset Password

You will need to reset your password when you forget or want a new password. Therefore, if you want to reset your password, please follow the below instruction:

  1. Reset Password Page: please go to the login page, then click on  right bellow  button.

  1. Fill email and code: please fill your account email and the security code and click send.
  1. Check your email inbox: After filled the information, you will received an email message. That message asks you to click on the attached link. The reset password page will appear shortly.

  1. Setting new password: please fill the new password you want by filling it two times carefully, then click button “Reset Now

 IV. Account Menu

To be able to use your account menu, you need to login first. You can see your account menu by placing your cursor on your account name (for computer) at the top right of the page or click directly on your account name on the top of the page (for phone/tablet).

After clicked on your account name, you will see your account page with the account menu at the left of the page.

  1. Contest Application

After clicked on the “Apply for Award” button, you will see the list of the available awards. Please click on to go to the application page of the selected awards. You can also apply for any award by clicking on  located on the homepage slideshow or on the award detail page.

After clicked on , you will immediately see the Upload page of the selected award. Please read the instruction and condition about file uploading carefully in order to avoid any problem during the uploading process.

You will receive an email message in your email inbox when the system successfully saved your documents. The message confirms you that your documents were successfully sent. Your application form and attached documents will be reviewed and the result will be announced after the evaluation is completely done.

When the evaluation is completely done and the result is set, the name of the winning enterprises and investors will be shown on the homepage and in the winners’ list page of

  1. My Applications: this application list shows the history of all your contest applications with its detail information such as status and the result. You can search for any application in that list based on the criteria provided. With that list, you can also download any document that you have sent.
  2. My Account: this will allow you to see you profile detail such as your enterprise information, personal information, and account information which can be modified anytime including your account password.

V. Award Winners List

The Award Winner List shows all the winning enterprises and investors each year. You can see the detail information of those winners by just clicking on the name of those enterprises or visitors.

VI. Eco-Business Club

Every enterprise that won the award will automatically become the member of Eco-Business Club. Those who are the member can post any topic and join the discussion with other members by asking questions, sharing idea, and so on.

VII. Feedback

To help the visitor on any issue via the website, the feedback form is created for all visitors or members who want to ask any questions related the website or eco-business matter. The feedback will be reviewed and will be responded accordingly.

You can go to the feedback page by just clicking either on the link  at the button of the page or on  button at the center right of the screen.

VIII. Email Subscription

General visitor can get new updated information and announcement from the website via your email by just submitting your name and email into the subscription form at the button of the page. By submitting your email, you will receive all new updates from

 For all those who have already had an account on the website, you can manage this subscription by going to your account page, then click on “Account Information” tap and click on the switching button  whether or not you want to get new updates from the website.